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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Working Holiday in Australia

Working Holiday package. When you say Australia - the first thing that comes to your mind is kangaroos, surfing, and aborigines. It sounds very attractive and exotic, but if you are going to travel there for the Working Holiday you realise that it is not a piece of cake to do all travel arrangements (accommodation, job, bank account etc.,) before your departure. If you do not want to waste your precious time on sorting out such things as banking, jobs, tax file number ID, accommodation, mobile phone, tax refund etc., we would like to offer you our programme: Working Holiday package – complete peace of mind before leaving!
Accommodation. Hostels in Sydney are some of the best in the world. Clean, well located, modern, and spacious with excellent facilities such as laundry, internet, and restaurants and bars. Ideal for a short arrival stay or before you leave to go travelling around Australia or look for something more permanent. We have chosen two of Sydney best central hostels. All properties are easy walking distance to public transport. We have excellent properties in Melbourne and Brisbane as well. You can check the details on our accommodation in Australia page or go to a booking online system
Working Holiday visa. The Working Holiday Programme aims to promote international understanding, through helping young people experience the culture of another country. Australia has reciprocal working holiday maker arrangements with 15 foreign countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) of the People's Republic of China, Finland and the Republic of Cyprus and Estonia.
People who hold valid passports of most of these foreign countries are able to apply for a Working Holiday visa in any country (except Australia). Applicants who hold a valid passport from Japan, the Republic of Korea, Malta, Germany, the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special administrative region (or a British National Overseas passport)) or the Republic of Cyprus, must apply in the country which issued the passport.
You have the option of applying for the Working Holiday Visa through Global Choices. Print and fill a Working Holiday Visa application form, then send it to Global Choices and we will apply for the visa on your behalf.
The visa application fee is GBP 95. Aus $180 is paid to the Australian embassy and GBP 15 is our service fee.


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