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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Internships Programmes - FAQ

How important is it to speak the language of the country I will be working in?
You should at least be able to get by at a basic level and be able to carry a conversation with those around you. Obviously, you will get much more out of the experience if you are able to communicate well with those that are working and living around you and you will be intergrated much quicker into your surroundings and feel more settled. If you are not good at other languages, why not teaching yours abroad?

Will I get paid?
Some placements will pay you and others will not. Many placements are voluntary placements and are in conservation or welfare and more often than not these are unpaid. However, it is up to the discression of the employer and it is up to you what kind of work you wish to be involved with.

Where will I live while I am abroad?
Some employers that employ staff from overseas provide accommodation but this is not so for every case. It is best to ask your employer about these arrangements before you go. Like any city or country, there will be hostels, rooms and apartments to rent or share if you would prefer (see the details for example for the Argentina or Brazil Internship Programme).

Will it be expensive living and working abroad?
Living costs vary greatly from country to country and city to city. In some instances, you will find that certain things are a lot cheaper while others are a lot more expensive. Talk to anyone who has worked or lived abroad and they will tell you that it is very impotrtant to do thorough research into the costs of living and have a realistic budget.

What will I gain from working abroad?
Work placements abroad allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest and stand out from the crowd by showing you not only have experience in a given field, but also that you have demonstrated your ability to live and work in a foreign culture. This adaptability looks extremely good on your resume and is attractive to any prospective employer, not to mention the rich personal experience of travelling and experiencing another culture. It can and should be one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of your life.

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