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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year’s Resolutions: going abroad! The Application Process

Christmas time is over. After Christmas, News Year’s Eve and 2007 is here and it will try to make us change our lives. We are all about to make ourselves the most difficult promises again. Welcome back to the Old New Year’s Resolutions!

Some of us will decide to lose weight, to exercise more and to begin a serious diet. Others will decide to quit smoking or just spend more time with their family.

We can separate personal and professional objectives, but some of the most common interests for students and young professionals are: working abroad, experiencing a different culture, making new friends and adding valuable experience to their CV.

- I should speak a foreign language to enhance my CV.

- If I could add an international work experience to my CV, I will get better job opportunities.

These are all true statements that will come to a lot of minds during these days and could help us to make a decision.

International placement organisations are now recruiting for their next year’s vacancies. They offer various placements to teach your native language abroad while discovering a new country, culture and people. Volunteering can be another option to spend a short period of time, leaving the routine aside and gaining a great experience. Specific fields Internships, Work & Travel Programmes and Hospitality Placements are good opportunities for students and graduates.

The Application process takes some time:

- First of all choosing the programme, the destination and the duration.
- After the applicant needs to apply through an online application form
- A CV and a Cover Letter would need to be done and certificates presented
- Work Permits and Visas (some organisations will assist with this)
- Travel Insurance
- Sometimes personal interviews are conducted.

If your New’s Year’s Resolution for 2007 is quit smoking, have a child or lose weight, go for it and good luck!

If your 2007 GOAL is going abroad, live an unforgettable experience or improve your foreign language knowledge… start moving, visit our website because now it’s time to apply… Go for it!


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