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Monday, June 04, 2007

Internships in Canada

Internship Training Programme in Canada is to enhance the skills and knowledge of qualified trainees in their field through participation in a structured programme.We offer basic kinds of internships, designed to meet the various visa requirements and all fields of interest.
Programme summary. Have a look at our available positions:

Type One : Hospitality and Tourism Internship
Available positions: housekeeping, banquets, events, front desk, guest services, marketing, accounting.Interns would work for 6-12 month terms at a hotel, starting in a night-auditor role and circulate throughout the hotel to experience each of the different departments and roles.Interns for this position must have at least one year of experience at a hotel or resort or be recent graduates of a hotel management course. Interns are paid approximately $10 - $15 per hour and receive subsidized accommodation at the hotel or resort for $7 - $10 per day.

Type Two : IT Internship
This internship may be paid or unpaid and it is open to French, German, and Swiss internship visa-holders and to Working Holiday Visa Holders from other countries. Internships are available in Vancouver for ASP.Net Developers, Database Administrators, Java Developers, Software Developers, and Web Application Developers. Interns may work at major IT firms (ex. Electronic Arts), small and medium-sized IT firms and within the IT departments of major hotels or manufacturers. If paid, interns typically receive a stipend of $200 - $400 per week. To be paid, interns are required to have a minimum of 1 year’s related experience. If they do not have experience, or their skills are not applicable in Canada they may still be eligible to participate in an unpaid internship.

Type Three: Professional Internship
Our core business – professional internships are available in dozens of different professions. With more than 300 corporate partners in Vancouver and Toronto Global Choices can offer internships in architecture, biomedicine, biotechnology, events planning, marketing, industrial design, graphic design, international trade, construction, law, environmental advocacy, hospitality, accounting, financial services, investments, and more. Internships are from 4 weeks to 6 months.


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