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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Spain, Italy, Greece, Canada or Australia: still available possibilities for this summer!

If you are dreaming of going to Spain, Italy or Greece this summer but have a limited budget – our Work & Travel programmes are for you! By participating in any of them you will earn money, gain work experience and enjoy their lifestyle.

If your planned destination is beyond Europe… how does Australia or Canada sound to you? Our Working Holiday programmes will give you a complete peace of mind before leaving!


Anonymous Linn said...

Hi Global Choices team!
My name's Linn and I'm interested in working in hotels around Europe and USA plus I have a friend who is interested in teaching English for children.

a) Is there any limitation to whom can apply to your programs? (Both my friend and I are Malaysian citizen with working experience)

b) Is everyone eligible for your programs?

Hope you can help me on this :)
Thank you!

6:09 AM

Blogger Global Choices said...

Hi Linn,

Thank you for your interest in our proposals. Answering your questions - yes there are limitations which vary a great deal from programme to programme. Try visiting "all working abroad programmes" on our site. In a description for each programme you'll find eligibility criteria, a list of required documents and visa/work permit information.

Or contact our stuff regarding particular programme (use programme name as a subject in your e-mail).

Hope you find my hints helpful. Good luck with your overseas job search!

Max, Global Choices

12:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am looking for an intership for my sister. Could you please call me because I have a lot of concerns. Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,
cell# (+1)301-219-8894

1:12 PM

Blogger Dave Lloyd said...

Hello Global, my name is Dave i`ve been in construction management for some 14 years, and are looking to work overseas, ideally in europe and somewhere warm.......any ideas

4:24 AM

Blogger Global Choices said...

Dear Linn,

You would not be eligible for our Work & Travel Europe programs as it is only for European Union citizens.

However, you could be eligibile for our Work & Travel USA program if you are a student.

As per our volunteering, and teaching programs, you would definitely be eligibile for them.

Please feel free to contact our office at (+44) 207 433 2501. and we will be of further help to you.

4:13 AM


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